Things you need to know about retirement homes

In 2021, 10.1% of the Indian population was in the 60+ age bracket. By 2031, this is expected to increase to 13.1%.

When joint families were the norm in India, senior citizens did not need to worry about their basic needs. The rest of the family members ensured adequate care and timely assistance. However, with the need to further careers, move away from hometowns to bigger cities, and for better living opportunities, children are leaving their nests, leaving their parents behind. This lifestyle change and the increase in the percentage of senior citizens have encouraged the establishment of many retirement homes across the country.

What are retirement homes?

Things you need to know about retirement homes

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Senior citizen retirement homes are facilities explicitly designed to ensure convenient living for senior citizens. They are fully furnished with every requirement that senior citizens may have, right from dining services to healthcare and companionship.

In India, there are different types of retirement homes that families can choose from based on the level of assistance needed and the facilities offered.

Senior living homes

These are well-built gated communities or apartments that facilitate independent living. They are perfect for 55+ individuals who have few to no mobility issues. Senior living homes often also have gyms, clubhouses, amphitheatres, and other choices for recreation. The elderly often enjoy living here because they have not only all the amenities for comfortable living but also a chance to make friends and lead an active social life.

Old age homes

Old age homes often refer to charitable that provide shelter to the homeless elderly. They are run by the government or charitable organizations and are typically free. Old age homes are perceived as dingy and lacking basic facilities, which is why all retirement homes get a bad rap. The truth is, however, far from this, as explained above.

Assisted living facilities

These centeres prioritize intensive assistance and are suitable for those who need support in their daily lives. They have medical experts and nurses to take care of residents, providing help in eating, moving around, taking medication, and other routine tasks.

Even though the names of all retirement homes are used interchangeably, each provides different types of services and assistance.

Estimated costs

If you are looking to rent a retirement home, it can cost you up to INR 50,000, depending on the size of the house and the services provided. Purchasing a senior home is a smarter investment, according to us. Well-established gated communities have homes for sale from INR 25 lac to over a crore. The exact pricing is determined by individual needs and requests.


Senior living homes and assisted facilities are fairly new in India, but they are increasing in popularity now. They are a brilliant option for parents whose kids are abroad and would like to spend their retirement years surrounded by companions, reliable facilities, and professionals who are always available to help.

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