Retirement homes with care facilities

Today, senior assisted living facilities in India are fully equipped with all the care services that seniors need to grow old gracefully and independently. Right from medical staff on the premises to amenities that promote good health, senior living homes are leaving no stone unturned to answer the needs of retired individuals.

These homes are specifically built for adults over 55 years of age, giving them a chance to fraternise with like-minded people, live comfortably, and stay physically and mentally active.

Retirement homes with care facilities

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If you are looking for good retirement homes in Hyderabad and are unsure how to choose one, this article will help you with a few checkpoints.

Mandatory care facilities in retirement homes

Comfortable, fully-furnished flats

1, 2, and 3 BHK homes in safe gated communities are common today. These homes are tailored to the needs of senior citizens and have safety rails in the washroom, a panic button, senior-friendly furniture, safe corridors, wheelchair accessibility, etc.

Housekeeping facilities

Daily cleaning, utensil-washing, and laundry services take a huge load off residents. Seniors do not need to worry about these labour-intensive tasks and can spend their time relaxing, engaging in healthy activities, and socialising with their neighbours. All good senior homes provide professional housekeeping services to ensure the same.

Common dining

Retirement homes have dining services to provide fresh, home-cooked meals to seniors. They take individual health conditions and restrictions in mind to provide healthy and delicious meals. There are also a variety of food choices each day, encouraging residents to look forward to each meal.

Medical assistance

No homes for retirement are complete without proper medical assistance and care facilities. These include ambulance service, availability of doctors and nurses, panic button in each flat, clinical labs, medicine reminders, and routine checkups.

Community living

Ensuring that no senior residents feel lonely or bored is a top priority for all senior citizens’ homes. This is why they have amenities for various team activities and channels of socialisation, such as a swimming pool, jogging track, amphitheatre, geriatric gym, yoga rooms, indoor games, and more. Many gated communities also host entertainment programmes and cultural events, especially during festivals, to create opportunities for bonding.

Safety and security

24/7 CCTV cameras, trained staff to handle emergencies, private community areas, security guards, anti-slip flooring, raised toilets, intercom, transportation facilities, grip bars, and restricted access to the premises are some safety measures that every senior living home takes to protect its residents.


The taboo around senior living homes is finally fading, and people are able to look at them as viable options for their parents. These facilities are the perfect option for seniors whose children are living/working in another country/city. While choosing retirement homes in Hyderabad, we advise that you do not compromise on any of the above facilities. They are all essential and will ensure that your parents lead an independent, happy, and peaceful retired life.

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